Definitions for "Property Information Form"
This is a questionnaire about the property completed by the sellers. It covers such items as guarantees, neighbour disputes and boundaries. If you are buying then time can be saved if you tell us at an early stage if there are any particular points about the property that concern you. We can then ask the seller's solicitors the relevant questions. If you are selling and the buyer's solicitor asks a question to which you do not wish to give an answer to, for whatever reason, it is essential that you discuss it with us. Failure to disclose information could give the buyer grounds for taking action against you.
This is a questionnaire completed by the Sellers of the property to provide the Buyer with such information as to whether there have been any disputes with neighbours, whether there are any guarantees or warranties on the property and whether the current owners have made any alterations to the property during their ownership and if so what consents were necessary and whether they were obtained.
A standard questionnaire completed by a Seller to give information about the property to the Buyer (e.g. who maintains boundaries and whether there have been any disputes)