Definitions for "PRESSURE PLATE"
A smooth plate found on the inside of the camera back that is forced towards the front of the camera by springs, causing it to hold the film evenly in place for exposure.
This bolts onto the front of the flywheel and squeezes the clutch disk tightly against the flywheel's friction surface. These are available in two basic styles; the spring-type (which is the stock style) and the diaphragm-type (Porsche style). Both are further available in multiple pressure ratings so that they can be used on mild street engines (light-duty) or wild race applications (super-heavy duty).
Part of the internal workings of a camera, the pressure plate is located on the other side of the film from the gate. It is a smooth, spring-loaded plate that holds the film on the film plane and acts as a brake, helping to hold the film steady while it is exposed. [Go to source