Definitions for "Precognition"
knowledge of a future event which could not have been predicted or inferred by normal means.
The awareness of future events. See also "prediction", "premonition", and "prophecy".
Psychic knowledge of future events.
A formal statement made by a witness in response to interrogation as to what he or she intends to say in court.
a statement taken from a witness in the words of the person taking it, a clerk, solicitor or agent. Differs to a statement in that it is not the exact words as said by the witness, but is said to have filtered through the mind of the precognoser
Precognition in Scots law is the practice of taking a factual statement from a witnesses before a trial in enjoined. This is often undertaken by trainee lawyers or precognition officers employed by firms. Many of these are former policemen.
A preliminary examination of a criminal case with reference to a prosecution.
a preliminary examination of a person who may be required to give evidence in a criminal trial or civil proof
Obtaining knowledge of the facts of the case that are relevant and may have to be proved in a trial.
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Previous cognition.
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the seeing or knowing of things yet to come.