Definitions for "Residual Haunting"
Term applied to hauntings in which the ghost(s) characteristically go about the exact same routines of behavior without deviation, often re-enacting historical events or some great tragedy. As opposed to the traditional form of a haunting, the residual haunting is believed to be the result of Psi energies being imprinted upon the environment and replayed time and again in a seemingly endless loop.
a phenomenon in which an event is seen replayed over and over again, like a piece of film. Residual hauntings may require certain atmospheric conditions to appear, or may appear only at certain times of the year, such as upon the anniversary of the event. They are not thought to be the result of ghost or spirit activity, and have no consciousness, but rather are the result of the psychic energy left behind by the event itself.
Any haunting where spirits are seen repeating the same actions, behaviors, or movements over and over again in the exact same way.