Definitions for "Pre-emption"
the right of a government to seize or appropriate something (as property)
a prior appropriation of something; "the preemption of bandwidth by commercial interests"
An importing term referring to an action by U.S. Customs to seize and sell merchandise that an importer has deliberately undervalued in order to avoid paying customs duties.
the judicial principle asserting the supremacy of federal over state legislation on the same subject
a judicial principle which states that certain federal laws apply over certain state laws
the removal, at a TV station or cable networks discretion, of a scheduled infomercial to be replaced by another infomercial, entertainment programming or special reports.
The cancellation of an advertiser's purchased commercial spot by the station due to scheduling problems. See Makegood.
Cancellation/postponement of a regularly scheduled program due to special programming.
The purchase by one person before an opportunity is offered to others. Also the right to make such a purchase. This is commonly given to shareholders in private companies so that, if new shares are to be issued or existing shares are to be sold, they must first be offered to the existing shareholders.
the right to purchase something in advance of others
A right to purchase property before or in preferance to others, sometimes called a 'right of first refusal'.
This refers to a condition in a deed entitling a party to the deed to make the first offer in the event of the property being put on sale.
An amendment to a bill or to a motion pre-empts another amendment if agreement to the first means that the second can no longer be taken.
interruption of execution of process or thread during time-sharing execution before its time-slice has expired in order to context switch to another process or thread which has been given execution priority over it
system of buying where buyer agrees rate to pay for a particular spot, but which another buyer may purchase at a higher rate
Buying an advertisement position that can be bought by another advertiser at a higher rate without warning
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