Definitions for "Plugging"
Keywords:  brake, torque, polarity, reverse, motor
A type of motor braking provided by reversing the voltage polarity or phase sequence so that the motor develops a counter-torque and brakes the load.
Reversing either line voltage polarity or phase sequence on a motor so that the motor develops a counter-torque that exerts a retarding force to brake the motor.
A control function which accomplishes braking by reversing the motor line voltage polarity or phase sequence.
Filtered out particles filling the openings in a medium to the extent of shutting off the flow of product; loading up of the medium so as to reduce capacity. Also referred to as blinding or blocking.
The wedging or jamming of openings in a screening surface by near size particles, preventing passage of under size particles. See "Blinding".
Near size particles trapped in screen apertures (openings) preventing passage of under size particles. See - "blinding" polymer leaching
Keywords:  halftone, knockout, dot, fills, dirty
The filling in of the area between dots in a halftone or screen caused by too much ink or too little water being run during printing. Plugging may also be caused by dirty blankets, dirty ink, improper packing or insufficient ink tack.
When ink fills in around halftone dots or fine knockout lines.
A printing problem where dot areas become filled in, resulting in loss of detail and contrast
The material of which a plug or stopple is made.
Stoppage or restriction of the flow of material through the crusher, usually the result of wet and sticky material clogging exit points.
The use of compatible patches or materials to reduce or temporarily stop the flow of liquids from small holes, rips, tears, or gashes in containers. The repaired container may not be reused without proper inspection and certification.
The vegetative propagation of turfgrass by means of turf plugs or small sod pieces.
Keywords:  borehole, stopping, act, oil, gas
The act of stopping with a plug.
Act or process of stopping the flow of water, oil, or gas into or out of a formation through a borehole or well penetrating that formation.