Definitions for "PLU"
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Price Look Up (Number). PLU is the process by which a bar-coded item number is decoded, its price looked up in a database, and the price information sent back to the scanning location. PLU#'s are often found on products in supermarkets for instance.
Price Look-Up - Prices stored in the cash register's memory, allowing for quicker item entry.
Price Look Up. Ordinately, the price information is not shown in the source marked barcodes. The sales price, of the same product, often changes by retails, or by seasons; so it includes only the information of the product itself. The sales prices are enterred to the store controller, and when the product information is in/out-put at POS Register, simultaneously, the information of the rice (of sales) is ooked p from the store controller. PLU is the name for such barcodes (See NON-PLU)
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Primary LU. The LU that is initiating a session with another LU. See also LU.
Primary logical unit. In a SNA LU-LU session, the logical unit which issued the bind request.
Policy and Legal Unit
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eriodic ocation pdate. After a time adjustable of the network carrier the telephone with an update the network indicates location, where it is. The time, after which a PLU is to take place, is transferred in the BCCH as value of the timer T3212.
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