Definitions for "Plt"
Plotter drawing (filename extension).
AutoCAD HPGL Vector Graphic Plotter File Gerber Sign-making Software File
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Paper Lamination Technology. A variant on laminated object manufacturing RP technology from Kira Corp. of Japan.
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Pallet POC – Point of Contact
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Past Life Therapy (PLR is used more often)
Thermoplastic insulation.
Piedmont Liability Trust
Placer Land Trust
A platelet. A round disc about 2 to 4 microns in diameter. Platelets do not have hemoglobin and form clots and plugs in response to trauma. Normal concentration is around 250,000 Plt/ mm3.
Program List Table. A list of programs to be executed as part of CICS system initialization or system termination.
See "procedure linkage table."
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Patent Law Treaty
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Purchasing Lead Time - length of time from deciding to purchase an item and its arrival in stores.
Power Line Telecommunications
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Project Learning Tree
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The letters PLT identify the Plant Class.