Definitions for "Palm sugar"
Keywords:  jaggery, sap, coconut, unrefined, tubs
Jaggery, Goor, Gur, Sharkara. Sold in lump form, this is the most common form of sugar used in Indian cookery, having a light pleasant flavour. Substitute grain palm sugar or light demerara if necessary.
A caramel-like sugar derived from the palm tree, ranging in colour from light to dark brown and sold in blocks. It is used to sweeten Asian dishes. It can be substituted with brown sugar or jaggery (a dark brown Indian block sugar obtained from palms or sugar cane).
Throughout Asia, palm sugar is used as natural sweetening agent. The difference from conventional sugar is the distinctive flavour which is reminiscent of caramel. Available in the form of little cakes and also as a thick paste. It is not recommended to substitute palm sugar with any other sweetener.