Definitions for "Overload"
To load or fill to excess; to load too heavily.
An excessive load; the excess beyond a proper load.
1. n. Official request for permission to enter a class which had previously been filled. 2. n. Source of strain in student - faculty relations due to the excessive begging, pleading, and bribes.
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Overload ("超载" chaozai) is the first thrash metal band of Chinese rock. Gao Qi (高旗), the former guitarist and songwriter of the band Breath (呼吸), set up his own band Overload (超载) with guitarist Han Hongbin (韩鸿宾) , Li Yanliang (李延亮), bassist Wang Xueke (王学科) and drummer Zhao Muyang ([赵牧阳), who were said to be the elitist musicians in China at that time. The band made their debut on Halloween 1991.
"Overload" is a pop song written by British group Sugababes, Jony Lipsey, Cameron McVey, Felix Howard and Paul Simm for their debut album One Touch. The song was produced by Lipsey, McVey and Simm and received a positive reception from music critics. It was released as the first single in the summer of 2000 and reached the top ten in the United Kingdom, where it sold 138,000 copies.
A situation where a Pawn or piece must perform too many defensive functions, so that if one it is forced to perform one function a weakness will be created.
A situation where a pawn or a piece must perform too many defensive functions (ie, protect two pieces at the same time).
a piece or Pawn with too many defensive tasks is overloaded. There are examples in the Tactics section of the Canon.
An abnormal system condition that demands more than design current. Run in this condition, the drive or motor overload will protect the system by shutting off the output.
If our stim level gets too high, we overload and shut down. We tend to stop responding to most outside input, not look at anyone, and not function in whatever we were doing until we get our stim level down enough with stimming and such. We tend to watch our stim level well enough lately that this is fairly rare, but still does happen once in awhile.
The overpowering of the immune system due either to massive, concurrent exposure or to low-level continuous exposure caused by many stresses, including allergens.
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become overloaded; "The aerator overloaded"
19 semester hours or more is considered an overload; requires that special conditions be met (consult your academic advisor).
More than 4 1/2 courses. Overloads require the permission of the Academic Adviser.
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Overload is the third episode from the second series of the popular American crime drama , which is set in Las Vegas, Nevada.
principle of training that states that we must work out body systems harder than normal to improve them.
Principle of training which states that we must work our body systems harder than normal to improve them.
Subjecting apart of the body to efforts greater than it is accustomed to, in order to elicit a training response. Increases may be in intensity or duration.
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Generally, when you take more than 18 credit hours at a time.
When you take more than 18 quarter credit hours at RIT.
to define a method with the same name as another method in the same class, but with a different parameter list
To use the same name for several items in the same scope; Java methods can be overloaded.
To overload a method in programming is to have two or more methods with the same name, but are distinguished by the number and/or type of variables they require. Generally methods, operators, and constructors are overloaded in programming.
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to put too much food into a worm bin that can be processed aerobically.
This results when a large object or too strong signal overloads the detector's circuitry and cannot be analyzed properly. Raising the search coil away from the target will eliminate the overload signal and an accurate 'reading' can then be achieved.
The amount of weight that you force a muscle to use that is over and above its normal strength ability. Applying an overload to a muscle forces it to increase in hypertrophy.
Permission given by an instructor to register for a class that has reached its capacity of registered students.
The increased mass of sample injected onto a column which begins to affect efficiency and resolution. See Sample capacity.
This project aims to write a full-featured 3D-Game IDE, that is fully portable and can compete with the latest standards in 3D-Game entertainment.
Approval given to enrol in more than the maximum amount of credit points normally permitted. P-Q
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The strategy of moving one or two extra players into one area of the floor.