Definitions for "ost "
Original SoundTrack, ie the music of an anime or video game, including all the songs.
Original Sound Track; the background music of an anime production, including all songs.
Music from an anime released on CD (Original Soundtrack). taku A fan of Anime/Manga in the U.S. In Japan, otaku is a geek.
Observatoire des Sciences et des Techniques (FR)
Office of the Secretary of Transportation. OST
Office of Science and Technology
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See Oast.
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Ontario Student Transcript
Observation Summary Table. A table created and managed by the Data Organizer. The table summarizes the characteristics of a set of frames, most probably from an observing run.
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ost is a tool that provides mechanisms to automatically audit, maintain, and backup system customizations. It is particularly well suited to environments where most systems are similarly configured, but will operate just as well if each system is unique.
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Order to Shorten Time
Occupational Skills Training