Definitions for "Optimize"
vb. In Web design functions, to reduce the file size of a photo or graphic to allow faster loading. Files are typically optimized through a combination of means such as reducing overall image quality and fine-tuning color information. To fine-tune an application for improved performance.
modify to achieve maximum efficiency in storage capacity or time or cost; "optimize a computer program"
to allocate such things as resources or capital as efficiently as possible.
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Optimize is a magazine whose intended reader is a corporate officer; according to BPA International (as cited in "Media Kit 2004" listed in the "References" section), seventy per cent of Optimize's readers are Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, or Vice Presidents of information systems, while the remaining thirty per cent are "technology-involved" corporate officers. Brian Gillooly is the founding and, as of 27 March 2004, current editor-in-chief of Optimize.
To bring a computer into optimum shape by running a maintenance check, scanning for viruses, and defragmenting the hard disk.
to reduce a disk's fragmentation by collecting fragmented file segments, rewriting them in one continuous file, and then erasing the fragments
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To change the settings on a PC to allow it to run faster, better or otherwise perform as good as it is capable of doing. DOS 6.x= s Memmaker is a program that is run to optimize the memory. Small changes can be made in the BIOS settings to optimize memory access and clock speeds.
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Honing a Web site to ensure that it downloads and performs as quickly as possible. For most Web sites, optimizing requires minimizing the size, number, and quality of the graphics on the page and ensuring that special features, such as Java, load quickly using a 56kbps modem.
Re-write a Model so that it is logically equivalent but Transitions can be computed more rapidly. Min Progress requires that a Model be optimized.
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act as an optimist and take a sunny view of the world
The process of adding and taking away pieces of code from your web site that make it more attractive to search engines.
Prepare a site by creating meta tags, re-configuring content and title tags in order to submit to search engines allowing for high rankings if done correctly.
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To get the most out of; to use to the best effect; to exploit fully; as, to optimize one's return on investment.
make optimal; get the most out of; use best; "optimize your resources"
To position an economic entity such that it functions as well as possible given...
To make as useful, effective, or functional as possible; as, to optimize the speed of a computer program.
To improve the performance of a computer, network, or other device or system.