Definitions for "Opalescent Glass"
Glass that incorporates white, or opal glass, into the color mix.
1A specific type of iridescent glass developed by the British glass-maker Frederick carder for the steuben glassworks in the USA. Its appearance, similar to that of a natural opal, was created by cooling the glass object with compressed air and then reheating it. The glass was produced in pink, blue, yellow and green. 2 American art glass which has a raised design in opalescent white glass against a coloured background. The technique was developed in the late 19thC, and produced in Britain on art glass and pressed glass.
(1) A type of late 19th-century Art Glass, made by covering a gather of colored glass with a layer of colorless glass containing bone ash and arsenic. The parison was inflated in a mold to produce raised decoration. When the parison was reheated, the raised areas became opalescent. (2) A type of glass resembling the iridescent gemstone opal, which was developled by Frederick Carder (1863-1963) at Steuben Glass Works in Corning, New York.