Definitions for "Famille rose"
This overglaze enamel palette was developed in the late Kangxi and early Yongzheng (1723-35) periods. It is characterised by the use of an opaque white enamel, an opaque yellow enamel, an opaque yellow enamel and a pink enamel derived from colloidal gold, which gives the palette its name. The Chinese name for this palette is fencai (powder colours)
Literally means pink family. First produced during the late Kangxi period in which the predominant colours are opque enamel pinks and carmines. The pink is obatined by adding a minute amount of colloidal gold to a lead oxide-potassia-silica base. The best famille rose pieces were produced during the Qing Yongzhng period. Picture
A type of porcelain known by its French name, which refers to the pink enamel used to paint decorations. It received two firings. The first was at high enough temperatures to fuse the porcelain clay and glaze; the second was at a lower temperature to fuse the enamel with the glaze.