Definitions for "Nimbus "
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A circle, or disk, or any indication of radiant light around the heads of divinities, saints, and sovereigns, upon medals, pictures, etc.; a halo. See Aureola, and Glory, n., 5.
of Circle of Glory, represents the ring of light placed around the heads of Saints, the Holy Lamb(q.v.) and other sacred subjects. Modern painters often represent it as a circle of sun-rays, as around the head of S.John the Baptist, (q.v.). Azure, a book gules with gilt edged leaves supporting a Lamb couchant argent with nimbus and staff or and banner argent, a cross gules--Arms attributed to the Company of STATIONERS, London. [See the Arms of the Company given under Book.] Gules, two lions passant gardant or; on a chief azure the Virgin Mary, a circle of glory over her head, sitting on a tombstone issuant from the chief; in the dexter arm the Infant Saviour, Head radiant; in her sinister hand a sceptre all as the second--The See of LINCOLN. Argent, upon a mount vert a dove rising ... nimbed gold, all between two bars wavy azure charged with three fishes naiant two and one or--John HILSEY, Bishop of Rochester, 1535-8.
an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint
A series of US Earth observing experimental weather satellites which carried a variety of sensors, the last of which was launched in 1978. They are now non-operational.
US series of polar-orbiting, meteorological satellites.
The Nimbus satellite program, initiated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and later operated by both NASA and the National and Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), was developed in the early 1960s to meet research and development needs of the atmospheric and Earth scientists, providing global surveillance of the atmospheric structure at low Earth orbital altitudes for the world's weather services.
The Nimbus was a Danish motorcycle produced from 1920 to 1957 by Fisker and Nielsen (Copenhagen, Denmark), also known as the manufacturers of Nilfisk vacuum cleaners.
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A rain cloud; one of the four principal varieties of clouds. See Cloud.
a dark gray cloud bearing rain
a rain cloud that is of uniform grayness and extends over the entire sky
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A web-based tool for submitting budgets at MIT. See also: Plan Version 0.
In cryptography, Nimbus is a block cipher invented by Alexis Machado in 2000. It was submitted to the NESSIE project, but was not selected.
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Replacing Windows XP's desktop - written in Delphi 7
Nimbus is a system that allows users to specify things they offer and things they are seeking. If 2 Nimbus devices discover each other and find a match the users are alerted.