Definitions for "Candles"
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Candles symbolize the Light of Christ. They are carried in procession; they are lit when we pray both at home and in Church.
See Eucharistic Lights, Office Lights, Paschal Candles.
Candles have many meanings for people. The most important is that Jesus is the Light of the World. Some candles glow in coloured lamps, these represent special places in the church or special people. Red candle light stands for the blood of Jesus and all those who have died for Him. Blue candle light is for Jesus mother Mary. White candle light stands for Jesus. We also light candles to accompany our prayers.
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candlesticks (a Japanese method of showing OHLC data)
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New growth that has an upright habit and looks similar to candles until it unfurls. The new growth on pines.
To see candles burning with a clear and steady flame denotes the constancy of those around you and a well-grounded fortune.