Definitions for "Network segment"
Keywords:  router, ethernet, bridges, firebox, bus
A portion of a network set apart from other network sections by a bridge, router or switch. Each network segment supports a single medium access protocol and a pre-determined bandwidth. The more stations are on a network segment the more divided this bandwidth is. Crowded network segments lead to a condition known as congestion, where performance declines. An electrically continuous piece of a bus based LAN. Segments can be joined together using repeaters, bridges or routers. Segments may also be split apart using the same devices. The use of switches to break up segments is known as micro segmentation. See also shared and switched Ethernet.
a group of machines all plugged into the same Ethernet, a type of LAN which uses a bus topology
a portion of a network that shares the same network identifier and is bounded by routers
An electronically continuous portion of a network, usually consisting of the same wire. A single ATM group or group of interconnected ATM links Network Traffic Management (NTM) Advanced network functionality implemented to maximize the network traffic throughput and minimize service performance drain during network overload or failure.
a single section of network media that connects computers
The range of IP addresses in which the Console will operate. Also, the configuration tab where this information is entered.
Keywords:  nodes, attached, layer, link, physical
a data link layer and physical network that is shared by one or more attached nodes