Definitions for "Natural history"
a loopy takeoff on the PBS Nova show, a 'factual' history of the island offered in a tongue-in-cheek manner similar to Jackson's down-the-garden-path spoof docu Forgotten Silver
a more-whimsical effort, presented as a bona fide documentary about an island called "a perversion of evolution
a pseudo-documentary about the mythical home of Kong
This term refers to what will happen if a disease remains untreated. It could become worse, remain much the same or simply get better on its own.
the understood course of a medical condition, usually with a wide range of severity between affected individuals
what the patient's outcome would be in given disease or condition without intervention (naturally).
a splendid tableau, full of the latest dracontological research, that will bewitch and bedazzle, offering captivating insight into the world of these majestic and sometimes comic creatures
the systematic account of natural phenomena
an account of natural phenomena
a comprehensive, detailed guide to numerous dragons around the globe, featured in popular mythology, antiquity, heraldry and alchemy
an exploration of terrorism, global warming and runaway capitalism
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a much more fanciful trawl through the film's other chief location
The study of where and how organisms carry out their life cycles.
the activities and life habits of an organism
study of organisms in natural life, descriptions of origin and interrelationships
a valuable resource that focuses on the prairie environment
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a major new programme for BBC ONE