Definitions for "nada"
National Anti-Doping Agency
Nationale Anti-Doping-Agentur
Nationalen Andi Doping Agentur
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Sound in general; but applies more to musical sound or else it is considered noise. Nada is of two types: Ahata (struck) and Unahata (un-struck)
Spontaneous inner sounds that may be heard during advanced stages of meditation; nada may take the form of sounds such as bells, the blowing of a conch, and thunder.
inner channels that connect the spirit with its origin. Depending on the spiritual domain, there are one or more channels that the spirit must open. Up to four Nadamic channels exist within these spiritual domains. Most common are two channels of light and sound, but there are also channels of nectar and/or life force in some domains.
NADA stands for the National Automobile Dealer Association. NADA helps with legal issues and regulations and performs research on different aspects of the automobile industry to help improve the industry.
National Automobile Dealer Association. NADA provides counsel on legal and regulatory matters, represents dealers on Capitol Hill, develops research data on the automobile industry, and operates training and service programs to improve dealership business operations, sales and service practices.
National Automobile Dealers Association
Nada (born Nada Malanima November 17 1953 in Gabbro, Livorno) is an Italian singer. She was nicknamed Il pulcino di Gabbro (the Gabbro chick).
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North Atlantic Development Agency
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New Animal Drug Application
Nadab Nadadores