Definitions for "MSO"
Multiple services operator. Refers to a network provider that provides services on multiple networks; for example, wireline, wireless, and cable.
Management Services Organization -- group of physicians organized to centralize the management of the business aspects of the practices including hiring personnel, purchasing supplies, and sometimes negotiating with managed care organizations.
(Management Services Organization): often owned by hospitals, MSOs contract with physicians (individually or in groups) to provide administrative and practice-management services.
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Mixed Signal Oscilloscope OBE - OFDM
Mine Sweeper, Ocean Going
Minesweeper, Ocean-going
Manufacturer&rsquo s Statement of Origin
Manufacturer's Statement of Origin. Rolling Thunder supplies an MSO with every frame so you can easily register your bike when the time comes to put it on the road.
(Meso Eta) -- A higher resolution version of the Eta computer weather prediction model.
Monthly Support Obligation
Mobilization Support Organization
All Support Orders are converted to a monthly amount (MSO) on the PACSES system.
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Mars Science Orbiter
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Marine Safety Office
Marine System Oil
Medically Significant Obesity
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Medium Secure Offenders