Definitions for "Millionaire"
One whose wealth is counted by millions of francs, dollars, or pounds; a very rich person; a person worth a million or more.
a person whose material wealth is valued at more than a million dollars
a person who has a net worth or wealth of more than one million United States dollars , euros , British pounds or units of a comparably valued currency
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a relaxing drama with neat tricks including Super Rookie
"Millionaire" is an R&B song written by American singer Kelis alongside songwriter, producer and singer André 3000 -half of the duo Out Kast- for Kelis's 2003 third studio album Tasty. The song was released as the album's third single in spring 2004. Just like the previous hit "Trick Me", it was only released in Europe and basically everywhere except the United States.
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Millionaire is a Belgian rock band led by Tim Vanhamel, drawing on influences from stoner rock, indie and industrial rock music.
a brilliant and deceptively simple trivia game, a joy for the whole family and a challenge of wits for even the biggest brainiack
an educational tool that brings the popular tv game show format to the pc without cost
a strange game
a book that amateur sleuth readers will want to have as a series, especially if the star is the delightful heroine
a single slide presentation created by Christine Stanley
a trademark of Celador International, Limited, a United Kingdom corporation
a genuine phenomenon -- both culturally and TV-wise
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a goddess on the other hand
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a great show