Definitions for "Mediator"
One who mediates; especially, one who interposes between parties at variance for the purpose of reconciling them; hence, an intercessor.
A neutral party who listens to all sides and then offers a solution to a conflict.
A neutral third party who helps to resolve disputes between employers and employees during mediation. A mediator typically does not issue a final decision, but rather facilitates negotiations among the opposing parties. Agreements reached among the parties are typically not legally binding, but rather depend on honesty and integrity to uphold them. Compare to Arbitrator.
A mediator object is an object used to decouple the interaction between two other objects. This means, that both interacting objects need only know about the mediator, and not about their partner object. The mediator pattern is used as much as possible in the Orocos designs.
A node-local communication object that exports a single interface across a netlet boundary.
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a diplomat, not an advocate
A variable that represents the causal mechanism through which variable A influences variable B. For example, if an intervention with adolescents (variable A) reduces substance use (variable B), that relationship might be mediated by the change in interpersonal skills (Mediator) the intervention effects. For a variable to be a mediator, it must replace (or greatly diminish) the direct relationship of A & B when entered into the equation.
a catalyst whose presence and skills enable change
A term used to describe chemicals produced in the body which provoke a specific response e.g., inflammatory mediators provoke inflammation
Natural substances released by the body during inflammatory processes. These substances are responsible for many of the signs of inflammation (see inflammation).
A protein complex that forms a contact between various transcription factors and the C-terminal domain of the largest subunit of the yeast RNA polymerase II.
Various figures in the Old Testament act as mediators. In the New Testament, Christ is the one mediator. In Him is the fullness of divinity, yet He is the Head of the Body. Through Him come grace and truth. He is the mediator of the perfect covenant.
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a person that is in charge of the peer mediation session
a person who brings two groups together similar to an arbiter
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a bit like a coach and a referee combined
a middleman component that controls several related components
Any chemical species able to transfer electrons between an enzyme's active site and an electrode.
For Process Control, a process used to preserve information when a service stops or starts.
a software component that provides a logical database system on top of existing data sources
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See mediation.