Definitions for "MED-ARB"
"A dispute resolution process whereby a neutral first attempts to mediate the dispute but, if mediation is unsuccessful in whole or in part the remainder of the dispute is arbitrated upon by the same or a different person".
the intervention into a dispute of an acceptable, impartial, and neutral third-party to assist contending parties in negotiating voluntarily an acceptable settlement of issues in dispute. If, however, the parties cannot reach an agreement, the third party has been granted the authority by the parties to make the decision.
A dispute resolution process that combines some of the features of both mediation and arbitration. Most med-arb proceedings call for a third-party neutral to first mediate or help the parties agree to as many issues as possible and then, by permission of the disputing parties, to arbitrate or make a decision on those that remain. The same neutral may perform both roles, or the role can be split between several neutrals.
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