Definitions for "Maximum Medical Improvement"
Keywords:  claimant, physician, mmi, heal, fullest
Time at which a claimant's attending physician determines that the claimant has healed from a compensable work-related injury or occupational disease to the fullest extent he or she is expected to heal. At this time the attending physician determines whether or not the claimant has sustained a Permanent Partial Disability to any body part(s) and the degree of such impairment(s).
Maximum medical improvement (MMI) - The point at which an employee who has been disabled reaches a plateau in recovery, so that any remaining impairment is considered to be permanent. In workers' compensation, MMI triggers the transition from temporary to permanent Disability benefits.
A medical-legal term used in insurance claims to describe a point in time when the patient’s condition will no longer improve with or without further healthcare treatment.