Definitions for "LOW E GLASS"
Glass treated with thin transparent coatings of metal oxide and silver for improved thermal performance. It reduces the penetration of ultraviolet rays to minimize fading of carpet and draperies.
A very fine thin transparent multi-layer coating between panes. It reduces the radiant heat transfer while allowing visible sunlight to still enter the room. In the summer it filters out the sun helping to keep cooling costs down. In the winter it aides in keeping the heat in and lowering heating costs.
Low E stands for low emissivity. The lower the emissivity, the higher the percentage of long-wave radiation blocked, thereby improving thermal performance. Low E glass is coated with a thin microscopic, virtually invisible metal or metallic oxide layer. The primary function is to reduce the U-Value by suppressing radiative heat flow. A secondary feature is the blocking of short wave radiation to impede heat gain.