Definitions for "loophole"
An unintentional characteristic of a law which allows one to circumvent the...
An amibiguity or unintended omission in a law, rule, regulation, or contract which allows a party to circumvent the intent of the text and avoid its obligations under certain circumstances. -- used usually in a negative sense; -- distinguished from escape clause in that the latter usually is included to deliberately allow evasion of obligation under certain specified and foreseen circumstances; as, a loophole in the law big enough to drive a truck through.
a legal way of avoiding tax by exploiting part of a law.
A small opening, as in the walls of fortification, or in the bulkhead of a ship, through which small arms or other weapons may be discharged at an enemy.
A hole or aperture that gives a passage, or the means of escape or evasion.
way out 14C hold or opening in fortress walls (first for shooting from, later for exiting)
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Loophole is a short story written by Arthur C. Clarke and first published in 1946 in the magazine Astounding Science-Fiction. It was subsequently published as part of a short story collection in Expedition to Earth in 1953.
Loophole is a 1981 heist movie, directed by John Quested, and starring Albert Finney, Martin Sheen, Susannah York, Jonathan Pryce, and Tony Doyle. It was written by Jonathan Hales, based upon the novel by Robert Pollock.
Loophole is a character from the Wild Cards series of books, first appearing in the story "The Second Coming of Buddy Holly" by Edward Bryant. Senior partner in one of New York's most successful law firms, St. John Latham represented a family of companies with their headquarters in the Bahamas and subsidiaries including CariBank and Shrike Music.
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Loophole is a 1954 black and white B-movie crime drama. The film was directed by editor turned director Harold D. Schuster.
a bad business (Paul McMasters is First Amendment Ombudsman for The Freedom Forum)
Loophole works with your cable or DSL modem to allow you to bypass your company's firewall or Web filter. It works by tunnelling arbitrary data through HTTP. It also makes your Internet access confidential by encrypting all data that passes through the proxy.
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Flaw or weakness Back to Jump
a government incentive to promote public policy