Definitions for "Fraise"
A defense consisting of pointed stakes driven into the ramparts in a horizontal or inclined position.
To protect, as a line of troops, against an onset of cavalry, by opposing bayonets raised obliquely forward.
A palisade or barrier consisting of an inclined or horizontal fence of wooden stakes.
Keywords:  strawberry, vie, eau, alc, fragrant
(alc. 40%) Fruit distillate of strawberries, very fragrant but completely dry and clear.
Eau-de-vie fruit brandy made from strawberries. Also can be used in describing a liqueur (crème de fraise).
Keywords:  cutter, ingold, teeeth, reamer, fluted
A fluted reamer for enlarging holes in stone; a small milling cutter.
Also called a Ingold Fraise. it is a type of cutter used in correcting the form of wheel teeeth. It is now know as either a Rounding-up or Topping Tool Cutter.
Keywords:  bacon, pancake, slices, thick, large
A large and thick pancake, with slices of bacon in it.
Keywords:  ruff, neck, worn, century
a ruff for the neck worn in the 16th century