Definitions for "Crenel"
An embrasure or indentation in a battlement; a loophole in a fortress; an indentation; a notch. See Merlon, and Illust. of Battlement.
An indentation, notch, grove, or loophole in the top of a battlement (parapet) or wall. If the opening is open on the top it is a crenel, if closed on the top (through the wall) it is an embrasure.
(also known as Embrasure) Conwy, Wales (GillB) The lower segment of battlements used to provide a firing point. They were usually 2 to 3 feet wide and often had wooden shutters for greater protection. See also Battlements and Merlon
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Same as Crenature.
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Crenellation Cross Curtain
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See Crenelle.