Definitions for "Loan Guarantee"
Loans to third parties for which the federal government in the event of default guarantees, in whole or in part, the repayment of principal or interest to a lender or holder of a security.
Contingent liability created when the federal government assures a private lender who has made a commitment to disburse funds to a borrower that the lender will be repaid to the extent of a guarantee in the event of default by the debtor.
an agreement which gives a lender the right to specific assets of a borrower if the borrower is unable to repay the loan
a facility that many private companies in other African countries can take advantage of, for the funding of projects with similar socio-economic value
a financial product that reduces the risk that supposes a bank to lend bottoms to another financial intermediary or a final borrower
an essential component of accessing small capital for a small business seeking to expand
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See Collateral.