Definitions for "Kremlin"
The citadel of a town or city; especially, the citadel of Moscow, a large inclosure which contains imperial palaces, cathedrals, churches, an arsenal, etc.
social and administrative center of a medieval Russian town, surrounded by a defensive wall; by extension, castle or citadel.
a strong place or fortified citadel within a city
The government of Russia (or, 1920-1992, of the Soviet Union).
Kremlin is a board game parody of soviet government. It was designed by Urs Hostettler and released in 1988 by Avalon Hill. In 1989, Kremlin won the Origins Award for Best Boardgame Covering the Period 1900-1946.
Kremlin (or Kreml) was the name which had been applied to various Soviet Navy vessels during construction. In each case, the name was changed prior to commissioning. Vessels which have briefly carried this name included Admiral Kuznetsov and Ulyanovsk.