Definitions for "Kneading"
Keywords:  dough, till, elastic, palms, mix
Combining of liquid with flour for making dough using pressure of hand is the process of kneading.
To mix and press dough to make it elastic in consistency.
A process to make bread dough mix, become elastic and tender. It develops the gluten in the bread that traps the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast and makes bread rise. Pull the dough furthest away from you over and towards you, in a folding motion. Using your fist or the heels of your hands, push on the dough away from you so that it compresses and then stretches. Turn the dough about 45 degrees round and repeat. Continue till the dough is smooth and elastic and springs back when the surface is lightly presses with a finger. Kneading can take a while, typically 10 minutes.
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Kneading is an activity common to all domestic cats whereby, when in a state of contentment, they push the surface on which they are standing with their front paws. This may have an origin going back to their wild ancestors who would have had to tread down grass or foliage to make a temporary nest in which to rest or possibly a remnant of the newborn kneading of the mother's teat to stimulate milk secretion: kneading is often a precursor to sleeping. Actually, many cats also purr when kneading; they also do this mostly when newborn, while feeding or trying to feed on their mother's teat.
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Manipulating clay with the hand resulting in a uniform texture.
the process preparing the clay by massaging the clay to distribute clay particles evenly and eliminating air bubbles back to the top
Working clay on a surface with the palms of the hands to remove air and obtain uniform consistency.
Petrissage; rhythmical lifting of tissue; rolling or squeezing; pulling away from underlying tissue.