Definitions for "Jenny"
A machine for spinning a number of threads at once, -- used in factories. Also called spinning jenny.
Developed by James Hargreaves in 1764, this was the first machine to spin more than one yarn at a time. This was the beginning of the mechanical process of spinning.
The name given to Hargreaves's spinning machine.
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Jenny is the name of a 1970 film, starring Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda, released by ABC Pictures. The film was rated "M" for "Mature Audiences." Singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson provided Jenny 's theme song, "Waiting".
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A familiar or pet form of the proper name Jane.
A familiar name of the European wren.
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See genoa
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A female donkey.
a fourth year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology major conducting research under the mentorship of Dr
United States architect who designed the first skyscraper in which a metal skeleton was used (1832-1907)
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see Inverted Jenny.
a graphic designer and marketing coordinator working at a firm in Boston
a registered Physical Therapy Assistant providing therapy for the schools and home health