Definitions for "IoB"
The President's Intelligence Oversight Board, which is charged with oversight of all U.S. foreign intelligence activities.
Intelligence Oversight Board (US)
Insulin On Board. Insulin doesn't work immediately. There is usually a delay while it's absorbed. It goes slowly through your fat and into your blood. Some pumps will guess for you how much insulin you have already taken, but which has not yet worked. This helps get a more accurate correction bolus. See also correction bolus.
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Input/Output Buffer PRN Psuedorandom Noise
nput/ utput lock. An IOB is a collection or grouping of basic elements that implement the input and output functions of FPGA and CPLD devices.
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Insurance Ombudsman Bureau See: Ombudsman.
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Institute of Biology
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Imagine File
International order book. An order-driven trading service for international equities.