Definitions for "Information literacy"
The ability to locate, evaluate and use information, including ways in which it is organized. The Library 110 helps students acquire the basic skills for becoming information literate.
The ability to find, process, and evaluate the information individuals need to be lifelong learners equipped for the workplace in the Information Age. As information increasingly is stored and transmitted electronically, information technology skills are becoming more important.
alternative definitions] Implicit in a full understanding of information literacy is the realization that several conditions must be simultaneously present. First, someone must desire to know, use analytic skills to formulate questions, identify research methodologies, and utilize critical skills to evaluate experimental (and experiential) results. Second, the person must possess the skills to search for answers to those questions in increasingly diverse and complex ways. Third, once a person has identified what is sought, be able to access it. (p. 314) Lenox, Mary F. and Michael L. Walker. (1993) Information literacy in the educational process. The Educational Forum. 57(2):312-324.