Definitions for "Indy"
Keywords:  grab, i'd, toe, backside, guess
a grab of the toe-side edge with your trailing hand on your backside wall
a trick where you grab the board and pull it behind you while in mid-air) I guess I'd better leave this entry at that for now
Grabbing the toe edge of the board between the feet using the back hand.
Keywords:  schoolmate, mum, dim, farm, thinks
a Spanish schoolmate and lives on a farm and is very cool - even if his mum thinks he is dim
A world which has been paved over with factories, with little or no natural resources of its own to support such a state. Industrial wortds are never discovered; they are industrialized at the time of colonization.
Keywords:  speedway, raceway, park, motor, short
Short for Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Short for Indianapolis Raceway Park.
Indy is a music discovery tool for computers with an Internet connection. It uses collaborative filtering to automatically download music the user is likely to enjoy listening to. Indy is similar to i RATE radio, but does not include a built-in file manager.
a independent production company and not affiliated with a major studio