Definitions for "Imperfection"
The quality or condition of being imperfect; lack of perfection; incompleteness; deficiency; fault or blemish.
A quality characteristic's departure from its intended level or state without any association to conformance to specification requirements or to the usability of a product or service (see also "blemish," "defect" and "nonconformity").
A flaw or blemish, caused by nature or man, on the outer surface or the stone's interior. Poor color or an unskilled cut is not classified as an imperfection, though it will, of course, play a role in value determination.
Reduction of a trinary note value to binary. IE, in Tempus Perfectum, the breve will be normally trinary (taking three semibreves) and under certain specific circumstances will be "imperfected" so that it takes only two semibreves.
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"Imperfection" is an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the second episode of the seventh season.
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An anomaly in the pipe that will not result in pipe failure at pressures below those that produce nominal hoop stresses equal to the specified minimum yield stress of the pipe material.
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the state or an instance of being imperfect