Definitions for "Ido"
An artificial international language, selected by the "Delegation for the Adoption of an Auxillary International Language" (founded at Paris in 1901), made public in 1907, and subsequently greatly revised and extended by a permanent committee or "Academy." It is a revised and simplified form of Esperanto. It combines systematically the advantages of previous schemes with a thoroughly logical word formation, and has neither accented constants nor arbitrarily coined pronominal words. For each idea that root is selected which is already most international, on the principle of the "greatest facility for the greatest number of people." The word "Ido" means in the language itself "offspring." The official name is: "Linguo Internaciona di la Delegitaro (Sistema Ido)."
an artificial language that is a revision and simplification of Esperanto
International Distributor Organization
Income or Payroll Deduction Order
Interim Development Order. A planning permission granted under the Town and Country Planning (General Interim Development) Order.
Interim Development Order Para 4.57
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Identification Officer