Definitions for "I think it"
Keywords:  silly, idea, macbook, ibook, ecw
a bad idea because it going hurt the WWE and TNA because RVD for example is a star of WWE and the ECW, how will he defend the title if they going to bring back ECW
a bad idea to rename the ibook to MacBook
a good idea to start improvising and trying to follow what you hear
Keywords:  love, unselfish, womann, diana, billy
a crying shame what happened to a lovely outstanding very giving womann who turned her broken dreams from that wedding to Prince Charles ( his friend always there)into something very unselfish and very caring God Bless you Diana
a time when you tell or show how much you love or care for someone
a very good book because it is about how a boy named Billy that saved his money just because he loved those dogs so much
Keywords:  fad
a fad,it will soon go away
Keywords:  accersry, rigby, stylish, unclear, sir
a great phone its stylish pretty and just the type of accersry on a girls wish list
a great show, but they mostly open up the show with Rigby's
a pretty unclear phrase, sir
a perfect outrage that a good, faithful soldier, who served over four years in the army, lost his health in the service, being also disabled with wounds, should be allowed to suffer for want
a perfect weekend bag to carry on the plane, as it fits with ease into the overhead bins
a tragedy for all the people to suffer needlesly
Keywords:  slap, face
a slap in the face
Keywords:  laptop, yes, pity, thing, spice
a dangerous thing to say that destruction as well as creation are needed in this world
a good item, however, it is a pity that it does not fit my laptop very well
a good thing that the Spice Girls are to receive the lifetime achievement award
Keywords:  purse, practical, useful
a very practical, useful purse
Keywords:  ridiculous, shirts, hairy, wear, bit
a bit ridiculous to require hairy men to wear t-shirts
Keywords:  geeks, toy, figures, action, play
a geek's toy Only geeks play with action figures
an inexpensive way to carry and protect your passport
Keywords:  forty, tape, minute, hour, two
a two-hour and forty-minute tape
Keywords:  tea, storm, cup
a storm in a tea cup
Keywords:  accurate, statement
an accurate statement
Keywords:  reasonable, value
a reasonable value