Definitions for "human life"
a horrible thing to waste
an awful thing to waste
an organic thing, with every part affecting and being affected by every other part
a pink worm or sausage stretched through time, all one schnitzel but differently seasoned depending where you slice it
Keywords:  mess, beautiful
a beautiful mess
Keywords:  priceless, told, god, story, gift
a priceless gift of God
a story told by God
Keywords:  lousy, hell, dollar, lot, important
a hell of a lot more important than your lousy dollar
a complex web of experiences, impulses of the will, impositions of culture, education, and family, etc
a million times more complex than that
an experiment in planes of consciousness
a history, and we dispose ourselves, by the acts we perform, to do similar deeds in the future
a continuous game of inner conditions and outer sources of happiness
Keywords:  lovers, dance, never, touch, permitted
a meeting ground for two lovers that are permitted to dance together, but never allowed to touch one another
a progression, characterized by development