Definitions for "Lovers"
Lovers is the second single by The Tears from their debut album Here Come The Tears, released on June 27, 2005 on Independiente Records. The title track was originally slated to be a b-side for the first single off the album, Refugees, until the record label pushed the band to put it on the album (consequently pushing the album release date back from May 2 to June 6) and subsequently made it a single.
Lovers is the debut album by Australian band The Sleepy Jackson.
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The Lovers (or Love-ahs, as pronounced by the couple) are the recurring, and quite eccentric characters played by Will Ferrell (as Professor Roger Klarvin) and Rachel Dratch (as Professor Virginia Klarvin) on the television sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.
Lovers are stock characters whose efforts to get together, despite the blocking effect of other characters, constitute the plot of the story.
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Tarot #6, passion, choice.
Joined lovers can predict a fantastic lovemaking session! This symbol may suggest a decision between two lovers or situations.