Definitions for "Hats"
HDL-Atherosclerosis Treatment Study; showed that nicotinic acid/simvastatin treatment reduced coronary events by 60-90% as well as induced regression of coronary stenosis, compared with placebo.
Harrisburg Area Transportation Study
A peripheral matchcover category with any matchcovers featuring a hat worn by a person.
See "caps".
Political candidates need three hats: one to cover their heads with, one to toss into the ring, and one to talk through.
Href http www hats stevens com Houston Amateur Television Society
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witches and wizards wore pointed hats; the students at Hogwarts wore black pointed hats
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Hats is the second album from Glasgow, Scotland adult alternative/pop group The Blue Nile, released in 1989 (see 1989 in music).
See glass hats.
wide brimmed hats used to cool and warm the head, also aid polarized glasses by blotting out invasive light rays that interfere with their optimal function.
See Host Access Transformation Server.
Host Access Transformation Server. An IBM software product that enables you to present host applications as Web-based applications.
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