Definitions for "WIZARDS"
A utility within an application that helps you use the application to perform a particular task. For example, a wizard might walk you through the setup of an account or help you create a new webpage.
Specially designed pages that provide step-by-step assistance in performing common the management tasks, such as creating workspaces, creating groups, creating forums, and more.
Instructional help that guides the user through a series of steps to accomplish a task.
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Wizards (originally titled War WizardsRalph Bakshi: The Wizard of Animation making-of documentary.Bakshi, Ralph. Wizards DVD, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2004, audio commentary. ASIN: B0001NBMIK) is an animated post-apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy film about the battle between two wizards, a good wizard representing the forces of magic and an evil wizard representing the forces of technology.
The Wizards are major characters in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Their title is said to be derived from the archaic word "Wys-ars", meaning one who, at bottom, is very wise.
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specialised applications that reduce the complexity of using an application. For example, Sofcom has wizards that enable novices to design commercial web pages. (p. 39)
Software "question and answer applications" that perform a function after presenting the user with selectable options. A set-up wizard may ask, "Do you want white or black text," or "Do you want fries with your order?"
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Wizards is a brazilian power metal band from São Paulo.