Definitions for "GRIPS"
Plastic cover who goes on the handle bars at the end , to aid in gripping handle bars.
Rubber caps on the inboard (handle) end of the oars
The handle on a handgun.
A long-gone brand of sneakers made by the Beacon Falls Rubber Footwear Company of Beacon Falls, Connecticut. Slang for sneakers in Philadelphia. Old-time term for luggage (whether or not it contains sneakers). Baby Boomers typically heard the term used by their grandparents and similarly aged relatives.
Components that fit on the paintgun grip frame and provide surface area by which the shooter may grip the gun. Grips are replaceable on many types of paintguns. Different styles of grips can provide greater comfort and ease of use for the individual paintball player. Different styles of grips include rubber, wood, and wraparound types.
Acronym for GCM-Reality Intercomparison Projects for SPARC, a project to assess the present state of troposphere-stratosphere general circulation modeling, develop and implement strategies for model intercomparisons, and improve their capabilities for studying problems related to SPARC. See the GRIPS Web site.
Photographs, "getting the grips in" is an Antarctic occupation that can be taken to extremes. Particular incidents and occurrences can only be legitimately claimed to have occurred once the grips had been got in.
Using the hands to hold onto another skydiver in freefall or during the aircraft exits. In formation skydiving, the formations are scored as complete when every skydiver has taken the correct grips.
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leather gloves are pre-curved. They hug the palm so there is less bunching up when the hand is closed, providing a better grip with freer movement.
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Grips are the small squares on the edges of pictures or graphics. Using the mouse, you can click on these grips to enlarge, shrink or skew a graphic.
The size of a grip on a club can influence the shape of a shot and it's distance. A grip that is too large can restrict hand action during the swing and leave the clubface open at impact. A grip that is too small can result in the opposite action and shots that wind up to the left of the target.
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Men who "stand by" on the set ready to add or tear down parts of set.
Members of the film crew who are responsible for moving set pieces, lighting equipment, dolly track and other physical movement of equipment.
GRIPS is a resource planning system for universities, schools and academies.