Definitions for "Grandfathering"
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Grandfathering is a term used to describe the transitional arrangements put in place by DEST for pre 2005 students with HECS, PELS, BOTPLS or OLDPS loans. Please refer to the DEST website for more information regarding these transitional arrangements.
When a preexisting situation is exempted from the requirements of a new law.
Longer Description To exempt from new regulations. Term Acronym Source
The process by which some workers continue to be covered by older contract language, while new contract changes are applied only to new workers. The workers who are exempted from specific changes in the contract are "grandfathered in." For example, a new wage structure may apply only to new workers, while current workers continue to be paid as they had been under the previous contract. For example, in the 1999 contract campaign, the university proposed a change in pay structure that would have cut the pay of some TAs. The university proposed to "grandfather in" these TAs, so that only future TAs would be affected by the pay cuts. (We didn't accept the changes, by the way.)
A provision from Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40 that allows existing land uses or structures to remain without coming into compliance with upgraded zoning or building requirements.
A recognition of a person's work experience in a trade prior to the trade being designated for training and certification or a designated trade being declared for compulsory certification. The recognition may be in the form of granting the Certificate of Qualification without examination, a permit to work at a trade for a specified or indefinite period or other forms that permit the person to remain working in the trade in the same capacity as before its designation or certification.
Students who have been assigned to an existing school may remain at their original school, with the condition that they provide their own transportation. Fourth-, fifth-, seventh-, eighth-, 11th-, and 12th-graders are given the option to remain at their original school, when reassigned to an existing school.
Specific situations that are allowed to continue while a law would make changes henceforth.
The term refers to the treatment of data already in an organization's possession prior to legislation. Data already in an organization's possession when legislation comes into effect will be subject to the same rules as data you begin to collect following legislation. The data, therefore, is not being grandfathered. In some instances, however, it may be reasonable to continue using the information for the original purpose for which it was collected with an opt-out option.
A right to proceed with a development project that cannot be abolished by subsequent changes in development regulations.