Definitions for "GDR"
Global Depositary Receipt. A negotiable certificate held in the bank of one...
A security issued in one country which bundles together a number of shares in a company in another country.... more on: GDR
It is an instrument issued abroad, listed and traded on foreign stock markets. A GDR is convertible into shares, which are listed and traded on the domestic exchange, the dividend being paid in the domestic currency.
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mark Mark der DDR. Basic unit of currency. The East German regime has set an artificial rate that equates the GDR mark to the West German D-mark, making its value in December 1986 about 1.99 GDR marks per US$1. GDR marks are not exchanged on world markets for hard currencies.
German Democratic Republic
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Grin, Duck and Run, an emote
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On a buoy report, direction, in degrees clockwise from true North, of the GSP, reported at the last hourly 10-minute segment.
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Symbian OS font file format. See also: Fontcomp
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Game Dog Breeders Registry
Geophysical Data Record; the basic Level 2 product of RA-2.