Definitions for "Full Moon"
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The moon's illuminated side faces earth and appears as a fully-lighted disk. May be a time for higher occurrences of paranormal activity.
(1) Phase of the moon when it has waxed fully. Best time for spells involving psychic powers, and for magick in general. (2) The phase of the Moon when it is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun and receives sunlight across its entire face, forming a circle of light. At this point, the Moon is in opposition to the Sun.
The phase of the Moon when fully illuminated, reflecting most powerfully the light of the Sun.
a year-round alternative resort, conference/workshop center, and performance venue located in the heart of the 'Forever Wild' Catskill Mountain Forest Preserve in upstate New York
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a symbol of family renunion
a time of fruition, completion, and wholeness
frequently an occasion for an evening hash. · "