Definitions for "Wholeness"
a state of robust good health
in the most absolute sense of the word: living in a state of complete, absolutely unbounded, ever changing, ever new joy, love, inspiration, and happiness going on for eternity. Also eternal youth, unity of mind, body and spirit, and perfection. Having a physical body that verges on astral. Without a doubt, the great centuries-old Himalayan yogi Babaji has wholeness! But in the ordinary sense, it could just mean high level wellness, optimum health, top-notch physical, mental or spiritual function-ing and expression.
The quality or state of being whole, entire, or sound; entireness; totality; completeness.
Because of our finite nature we tend to experience the world and ourselves in parts and pieces. In fact the whole fabric of reality is a web which is one entire entity. To begin to know the whole and to live within that awareness is the beginning of wholeness.
an unreduced or unbroken completeness or totality
a system in which each local change also has global effects and vice versa because it has a very high degree of internal interaction