Definitions for "Frontal"
Of or pertaining to the forehead or the anterior part of the roof of the brain case; as, the frontal bones.
Something worn on the forehead or face; a frontlet
An ornamental band for the hair.
Keywords:  zooid, colony, ryland, hayward, orifice
Pertaining to the exposed or orifice-bearing side of a zooid or colony (Ryland & Hayward, 1977).
in the direction of the orifice bearing surface of the zooid or colony.
Keywords:  brow, foliage
frons = brow, foliage.
Keywords:  gravid, lizards, snakes, pregnant, head
In snakes and lizards, a large central plate on top of the head between the eyes.
The head-on view of a person or object.
meeting front to front; "a frontal attack"; "a head-on collision"
Keywords:  belonging, appendage, part
Belonging to the front part; being in front
belonging to the front part; "a frontal appendage"
Keywords:  soldier, adjective, viewer, guard, face
The metal face guard of a soldier.
An adjective describing an object that faces the viewer directly.
the face or front of a building
Keywords:  pediment, little, door, window, over
A little pediment over a door or window.
of or relating to the front of an advancing mass of air; "frontal rainfall"
Keywords:  dividing, back, body
Dividing the body to make a front and back