Definitions for "Frequently Asked Questions"
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A compilation of answers to common questions.
FAQs are used to provide direct, useful answers to commonly asked questions.
A web page that lists and answers the most common question on a particular subject.
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What categories of Safety products do you carry? What kinds of gloves do you carry? What kinds of safety products do you carry? What are the OSHA standards for glove and safety products? Why wear gloves? What is proper glove sizing? What are your shipping methods? Is there any additional shipping and handling costs? What are your Payment Methods? When can I expect delivery of my order? What are your rules for returning product? What are your business guarantees? How do I contact you if I have an issue? Is there a minimum order amount? What are your standard business hours of operation
This has become a common practice for websites when dealing with complex issues. It can be both visually and textually interesting.
A collection of information on the basics of any given subject, often used on the Internet.