Definitions for "basics"
Dice Theory Tactics Opening Moves Glossary anchor a point held by a player in the opponent's inner board
Taking Going Alone Tactics Glossary ace-call a variation of Euchre (not played at Yahoo!) in which players compete individually, and in which the maker chooses a partner by naming a suit; if anyone holds the ace of that suit, he or she is maker's partner for the deal, although this information is kept secret until the ace is played
Bidding Bidding Nil Double Nil Glossary
Basic marching techniques learned and reviewed at the beginning of the season. Includes proper placement of feet when marching, how to be in step, and marching a block.
The traditional or classic styles you depend on every day. Basics vary seasonally only in color. The bulk of the sock and sheer hosiery business.
Traditional or classic styles which vary seasonally only in color. Basics form the bulk of the sock and sheer hosiery business. For men, the basics are crew-length casual and both crew-length and over-the-calf dress styles. For women, the basics are knee-highs, anklets and pantyhose in neutral colors. Children's basics are flat knit anklets, crews, and bobbies.
a statement of fundamental facts or principles.
principles from which other truths can be derived; as, let's get down to basics.
the fundamentals of the martial arts. These moves are separated into categories such as stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks.
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Sainsbury’s core sub-brand range of products, featuring circa 500 lines.
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Basic training, usually lasting about 10 weeks and supposedly the worst part of your army career.
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Name given to new cadets just entering the Academy
Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival project
an essential introductory course for learning networking concepts and terminology
Basic items of clothing that are always needed and can be combined with many other garments.
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a not very popular product that has been around for over two years